A completely useless post

…in a completely useless blog?

Well, I suppose we’ll see. For now, I guess I’ll just have to make do talking to myself. It occurs to me, now that I’m about to enter the uncharted and dangerous waters of publishing my first novel (Racing the Dark— my banner image is an excerpt from the cover art), that I ought to make more of an effort at self-promotion. Thus, the blog. I am obsessed with fantasy novels (particularly those with a hint of romance, though I mostly hate romance novels) and therefore write them. I also love popular science, though a complete inability with math prevents me from fulfilling my childhood aspirations of becoming a world-famous biologist who lives in rainforests (also, I’m terrified of bugs).

I (sort of, when we have time) maintain another blog, Two Fangirls with my friend Andrea. I’m also planning this to be a sort of extension/update of my livejournal blog (username utsusemia).

Here I honestly plan to post about whatever is interesting me– whether some science news, politics, writing/litblogging world kerfuffle or (last but not least) my struggles to promote the novel/write new ones. I’m sure that there will be plenty on the New York writing life since, well, I guess that’s what I’m living (though it seems hard to credit, sitting here on my couch in my underwear).

Here’s to not being entirely useless. I’ll cross my fingers.

For now, if you want to find out more about me: my website.