She stuck in her thumb and pulled out a plum

I have finally unloaded some pictures from my digital camera, and discovered these beauties. I made this pie about a month ago for a lunch party. Yes, it was filled with plums, and yes, it was oh-so-delicious.

plum pie

plum pie 2

I made the crust all-crisco because my friend is lactose intolerant. It makes it harder to roll out, but it is just about the flakiest crust I’ve ever made. I like to use apple cider vinegar in my crusts instead of water, and I roll them out between sheets of wax paper, because otherwise everything just sticks to the counter and I end up having to peel it up in strips. Very frustrating. And for the filling, since I hate with a passion all things cornstarch, I blend up poached almonds to absorb some of the liquid and add some thickness to the filling. Yummm.