mexican holiday

I have discovered that the Speculative Literature Foundation has taken leave of their senses and decided to give me $800 to travel around Mexico. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic.

The press release is here. I’m going there to research a novel I’ve been planning and researching for at least four years. The working title is Revolution and Desire in the Mushroom Kingdom (I know, I’ll have to change it). Once I finish the second book of my trilogy, I think I’m going to work on this until something comes up. Like, the fifty other novels/short stories/work for hire projects I seem to have taken on.


3 thoughts on “mexican holiday

  1. Jetse says:

    Congratulations with the travel grant!


    (OK: you may have told me at World Fantasy, and my overworked, alcohol-addled brain may have forgotten it. Anyway, I just saw this on Genre Neep. And great to see you in Calgary!)

  2. Mariko/Rachel says:

    *starts laughing* I had completely forgotten about that project of yours–I remember when you came up with it, Lauren looked at you like you were nuts but you were so excited. Can’t wait for it–congrats and enjoy Mexico! But no more accidental trips to karaoke brothels like when you guys were in Brazil.

  3. Linda Frasier says:

    It may not be a title to sell books, but I must say your working title, paired with a trip to Mexico, intrigues me.

    I think you young adult speculative fiction authors are having way too much fun. Are you sure it’s legal?

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