because I got high…

First, drop absolutely everything you may be doing, and listen to this.

I mean it.


Back? Yeah, sorry, I should have warned you that it might induce stomach cramps due to uncontrollable laughing. “Now I’m jerking off and I know why…” Whew, I’m wiping tears from my eyes.

Speaking of dissolution, I should mention that I have become so addicted to that website (online karaoke called Singsnap) that I think I might have to quit cold turkey. There is something sadly seductive about karaoke, let me tell you. I actually hauled my laptop into the bathroom this morning just so I could get some manual reverb on my microphone. Yes, I’m that sad.

But I’ll have a new round of reviews up soon, since I’ve also been reading. It’s the writing that’s taken a bit of a hit for the last week, but I’m gonna have to get back on that saddle immediately (finally got a due date for Book 2 of Spirit Binders). Way too much to do, as usual. I almost like deadlines, because they give me a last minute to project myself against. Otherwise it’d be nothing but singing joints and eating…chocolate snickerdoodles.

In case you were wondering where I’ve been.


2 thoughts on “because I got high…

  1. Mariko says:

    yay for book 2. By the way, I apologize for the slow feedback on Night School, ironically school is trying to kill me at the moment. You’ll be getting a looooong email from me next weekend.

  2. Sarah Tondreau says:

    My Mother gave me Racing the dark to read. I loved it and you have me hooked. I have searched far and long online trying to find out when the other 2 books are coming out. I have not been lucky so maybe you can tell me when the 2nd book comes out!

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