Laughter is one of the two things that makes life worthwhile

If you are, uh, me and my friend Amanda, that phrase is 100% guaranteed to induce manic squeeing, or your money back. It’s one of the best lines from bestselling-author Elizabeth Peters’ (lesser-selling) Vicky Bliss mysteries. We have been utterly obsessed with this series since high school, re-reading and re-reading the sacred texts (Street of the Five Moons, Silhouette in Scarlet, Trojan Gold and Night Train to Memphis), the inspirational works (The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett, the Peter Wimsey mysteries) and quoting all relevant lines back and forth to each other so much that we’ve memorized half the books. We are obsessed. And yet, every time I try to get someone else interested in this series, I don’t think they read far enough into it to really get why it’s our favorite thing on earth. Yeah, Amelia Peabody is fun, but no one tops Vicky and John. It’s one of the best relationships in fiction.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

However, the last book in the series–the masterful Night Train to Memphis, which I coincidentally just finished re-reading yesterday–was published in 1994. We had, with reason, given up on any hope that she might continue the series after the utterly unbe-fucking-lievable ending of that towering accomplishment.

So, imagine my reaction when I saw this news.

No, you don’t have to imagine it. Here is my email conversation with Amanda:

SUBJ: I ASSUME you haven’t heard of this…

Because if you have, and didn’t tell me, I would KILL you.

Holy fucking crap. I think I might cry.

Amanda to Me:

Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How could this be? Joy! Happiness! But Night Train was SO PERFECT, so I hope this as amazing. Eeeee!!!!

So, dear friends, fellow readers: do yourself a favor and pick up these books. If you have ever enjoyed any of the inspirational texts mentioned above: run and leap to your nearest library. Incredible pleasure awaits. They might seem sort of pedestrian at first, but it’s deceptive. Just wait until John shows up. Then start laughing.