The Secret History of Moscow

…is a very good, fascinating book by a new star up-and-coming author, Ekaterina Sedia. She’s also the editor of the forthcoming urban fantasy anthology Paper Cities, which promises to be an exciting publishing event (full disclosure: the publisher of that anthology is in my writing group, and I slush for his zine, Sybil’s Garage).

But I have no connection to Prime or to Sedia, so consider the review I now have out in the latest issue of Behind the Wainscot the product of unfiltered admiration. (And it’s not just me. She even got herself a great blurb from Neil Gaiman).

And I apologize about the utter lack of bloggy content lately. I’ve given myself the ambitious goal of writing 60,000 words in 30 days, so it’s going to be spotty for a while.