Author gets a blurb

The lovely, talented Jacqueline Carey (author of the bestselling Kushiel’s series) has been generous enough to give me a blurb on my book. Here you go…

“Racing the Dark” is an engaging debut fantasy novel with a fresh, innovative setting and an intriguing central mythos. I look forward to reading more! – Jacqueline Carey

Oooh, I am so happy. Now, go forth and read Kushiel’s Dart (and sequels), if you haven’t yet. They really are very good. She’s one of the current fantasy novelists who really pays attention to language in a very beautiful way. Also, they’re kinky, if that sort of thing appeals to you 😉


2 thoughts on “Author gets a blurb

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  2. Mariko says:

    Yay Alaya! It’s nice that people with more literary pull than Lauren and I are noticing your brilliance. By the way, I’m making everyone possible by your book. Don’t get freaked out about that–they will love it. ^_^v

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