Too much to write

I don’t really know how I got into this situation. Used to be that I worked on precisely one novel project at a time. When I was finished with that, I dedicated my life to editing, and then sent it out. I might occasionally take a break to write a short story, but never another novel.

Of course, then I chose to write the first book of a fantasy trilogy. And then that decided to get published. But in the meantime, I graduated from college and tried out a few jobs and eventually decided that I was going to take a stab at making a living doing the only thing I’ve ever really wanted: writing fiction. This puts me in the strange place of needing to take on as many different writing opportunities and challenges that I can. From work-for-hire projects to more commercial novels to screenplays for TV ideas to other novels I really want to write, I have never had so many writing projects at one time in my life. It’s overwhelming. Oh, and this doesn’t even mention the short stories and (ahem) fanfiction I’d like to get to at some point, too. Some people manage to write far more than that and maintain their lives, but I have to wonder how they do it. My middle name is not “indefatigable writer”. I get distracted easily. I procrastinate like it’s an Olympic sport. And suddenly, I have at least five novels that I need to get started working on right now.

Including the last two books in The Spirit Binders trilogy (a/k/a Racing the Dark 2 and 3). And then there’s this (very much on the adult side of) Young Adult novel about a female painter in a Northern Renaissance-esque world. And this (bizarrely fun) vampire novel that I like to refer to as: Amelia Peabody meets Margaret Sanger in the roaring twenties New York with vampires. And the book I’ve been researching for years that I like to call Revolution and Desire in the Mushroom Kingdom (why do I have a feeling some editor will change that?)

Oh, and then there’s this unfinished fanfic that, uh, a few people might like me to get on top of.

The worst part of all this is that half the time, I don’t even know where to begin. Please tell me that at some point it will get easier to sort these projects out? Maybe if I refuse to get any new ideas for novels in the next, say, five years?

You hear that, brain?

Right. Back to work.


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